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  • BBB Intelligence

    Solve the net bookings and backlog puzzle in Oracle Order Management.

Sales Operations Insight
Oracle EBS Order Management customers have common revenue reporting problems, including:
  • Inaccurate and unreliable sales order bookings and backlog reporting.
  • Fluctuating booking and backlog totals in closed periods.
  • Insufficient operational reporting to support financial analysis.
BBB Intelligence turns your OM module into a reportable subledger, similar to Payables and Receivables. BBBi uses double-entry accounting to track all order activity so the order backlog balance is always accurate. Historical booking and backlog figures for the period never fluctuate, as changes are posted to the actual date transacted. Net bookings and billings for any period are accurate and stable. BBBi provides real-time and accurate sales order data so you can make informed operational decisions that facilitate financial success.
Revenue Visibility Products
  • BBB Intelligence - The easiest way to get accurate net bookings and backlog in Oracle Order Management.

“Utilizing its sub ledger approach to sales order change tracking, BBBi gave us the ability to report point in time backlog.  Absolute has provided unbelievable support in adapting the product to the unique requirements of our company.”

Fernando Esguerra

Senior IT Systems Architect

ATI Metals

“Oracle Applications do not save changes to bookings transactions, which makes it impossible to get [Read more…]

Brenda Gallegos

Business Intelligence Manager

Emerson Process Management