GRC Auditing

Governance, Risk, and Compliance
The GRC Audit Solutions can help your company or organization improve the efficiency of financial and IT controls. With these products, external auditors will place more reliance on your internal controls and you can reduce risks. Absolute's offerning includes database auditing, user access controls, and indirect tax compliance.
Database and User Access Controls
Application Auditor (AA) and SOD Violations Manager (SOD VM) give you the ability to Detect, Audit and Prevent.
  •  Detect


    • AA detects and records all business, master, and configuration data changes, according to your defined audit criteria, whether the source is a business application or database utility.
    • SOD VM detects and reports Oracle E-Business Suite segregation of duties access violations, according to your defined SOD policies.
  • Audit


    • AA supports your audit processes with a wide range of reporting.  Internal reviewers and auditors can document their audit evaluations and decisions.  AA reduces the time to prepare for and execute periodic audits.
    • SOD VM supports reviews and analysis of user access to EBS, including SOD access violations.  With knowledge of the violations, you can achieve 100% compliance with your SOD policies.
  • Prevent


    • AA can prevent selected activity, while reporting the attempt.  This is far more efficient than detecting and reversing any transactions after the fact.
    • SOD VM together with AA can prevent user SOD access violations before they happen.
Contact us or read more about how Application Auditor and SOD Violations Manager can help protect your company from fraud and reduce audit costs.
E-Business Tax Compliance and Rules Optimization
Indirect Tax Auditor (ITA) helps ensure that your organization complies with the defined regime tax rules, and makes it easier to define and manage tax rules. Tax Professionals use ITA to manage and configure eBTax calculation rules and monitor their use in the organization's transaction stream.